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Adam Tibble

Adam Tibble

Cardiac Anesthesiologist CASE Anesthesia, Northbay Healthcare Fairfield, California

Serving on a Critical Care Air Transport Team that evacuated badly wounded soldiers out of Afghanistan was “the most rewarding medical experience of my life,” says Adam Tibble. The impulse to go Beyond Yourself is something he finds honored and encouraged at Berkeley-Haas, among all of his classmates.


MD Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Nashville, Tennessee

BA, Pre-Medicine & Anthropology University of Notre Dame South Bend, Indiana


"To be a well-regarded physician liaison between technology and clinical medicine, in addition to continuing my rewarding clinical practice as a cardiac anesthesiologist"

Job One in my life: Being home most nights for dinner and bedtime with my two children.

“The block schedule meshes well with being on-call at the hospital and it gives me the flexibility to take care of Job One in my life: being at home most nights for dinner and bedtime with my two children.”

“I see my career playing out in a couple possible directions: as an entrepreneur in the medical device space—a space where I’ve already had some experience, or in hospital administration. Either way, my Berkeley MBA studies are setting me up for success.”

Diversity of experience among my classmates is expanding my network in unexpected ways.

“I looked at other executive MBA programs, even some that are designed for medical practitioners. The Berkeley MBA for Executives gives me a diversity of experience among my classmates that adds depth to our discussions and is expanding my network in unexpected ways.”

“The Berkeley MBA for Executives is the real deal. This is not a watered-down program. Every one of our professors has their own way of getting each of us to work to our highest potential.”

We all have a real desire to see each other succeed.

“The family feeling at Berkeley-Haas attracted me from the very start. There is a real sense that we are part of a community, and we all have a responsibility to each other, and a real desire to see each other succeed.”

“When you’re in med school and then in the military, everything is programmed for you. Now it’s my turn to choose, to design the MBA program that suits me. Berkeley-Haas offers a great array of class options.”

“Every one of my classmates is talking about and looking for something bigger in their lives. We’re all sharing and supporting each others’ journey.”