Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Jacob Kislevitz

Jacob Kislevitz


Director of New Business
San Francisco, California

With a multifaceted background that includes a global NGO, a Fortune-100 energy company, and two management consultancies, Jacob Kislevitz has gained a unique 360-degree understanding of sustainability and how it impacts a company’s long-term viability. He is using his executive MBA studies to explore new ways to create value and sustainability in the consumer products sector.

At Berkeley-Haas, I am learning to ask the right questions.

“I work with my clients to realize the value of environmental and social responsibility and strengthen relationships with their customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which they operate. At Berkeley-Haas I am learning how to better align traditional organizational priorities with leading ethical and responsible corporate practices.”

“My long-term career goal is to manage and grow a responsible consumer products company where sustainability is baked-in and not bolted-on. In order to be successful I’ll need to know ‘enough to be dangerous.’ At Berkeley-Haas I am learning to ask the right questions.”

Professors welcome student questions and debate.

“I am constantly challenged by my classmates. Their professional and personal experiences lend a valuable new perspective. Professors encourage students to share their insider’s viewpoints on different industries and functions and welcome student questions and debate.”

“The Berkeley-Haas experience has taught me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It has been a safe place for me to learn to assert myself with confidence and assurance.”

It's such an advantage to have the resources of the entire Berkeley campus at our disposal.

“We’ve formed an informal group focused on social impact. It’s such an advantage to have the resources of the entire Berkeley campus at our disposal. I am especially looking forward to working with the Center for Responsible Business.”

“What really sets the Berkeley MBA for Executives apart is the sense of family. The Program Office staff were so supportive during our move from New York to the Bay Area. Berkeley-Haas looks out for students in every way.”

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