Class Profile

We evaluate each application holistically, wanting to know as much about your motivations and goals as we do about your professional and academic achievements. We strive to build a class of students distinguished by their self awareness and their inclusive, collaborative approaches, as well as diverse in industries, aspirations, and backgrounds.

We also know that when choosing an MBA program, it can help to get a feel for the current class—everything from average GMAT scores to current industries. Here is a look at the Berkeley MBA for Executives class profile for the most recent entering class.

Executive MBA Class Profile: Entering Fall 2023

75 Students

40 Median age

34-50 Middle 80% of range

37% Women

9% Underrepresented Minorities

53% Born Outside the U.S.

49% San Francisco Bay Area
51% Outside of Bay Area

53% Bachelor's

28% Master's

5% PhD 

3% JD

11% MD/DVM/PharmD


16 Median Years of Post-University Work Experience

10-23 Middle 80% Range of Years of Work Experience

71 Companies Represented

Top Industries

Software 15%

Healthcare Services 11%

Hardware 7%

Consulting & Professional Services 5%

Semiconductors 5%

Automotive 4%

Finance 4%

Military 4%

Real Estate 4%

Retail/Wholesale/E-Commerce 4%

Top Job Functions

Department Head/Team Leader 32%

Corporate Officer/Partner 11%

Engineering 8%

Product Management 8%

Project/Program Management 7%

Marketing/Sales 7%

Medical Practitioner 5%

Founder/Entrepreneur 5%

Operations 4%

Strategy/Planning 4%