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Student perspective

*Schedules may vary for immersions and some elective choices.

If you have submitted an application to a Berkeley MBA program within the last two years, you are considered a reapplicant.* The Admissions Committee does note the effort that candidates put into their reapplication. We value our reapplicant pool and take consideration of your efforts.

*If your application was incomplete or withdrawn, you are not considered a reapplicant.

Reapplicants who applied in Spring/Fall 2017 or Spring/Fall 2016 to any Berkeley MBA Program

Since we are utilizing a new application, we ask that you respond to all of the required Essay Questions. In addition, response to the Reapplicant Essay Question is required. In this essay, we recommend that you describe how you have improved your candidacy since your last application, as the Admissions Committee will be looking for substantive change in your qualifications. 

  • RecommendationsBecause we have moved to a new application, we ask that you submit two letters of recommendation, one preferably from your current supervisor. However, if you would like to use your previous recommendations, please contact our office and we can help move those over for you at your request.
  • Sponsorship Letter: You are required to submit a new sponsorship letter from your employer.
  • Transcripts: If you previously submitted official transcripts, you are not required to resend them. However, if you only submitted unofficial copies, you are required to send in official transcripts.  You must also send transcripts for new coursework completed since your previous application.
  • Test Scores: Reordering official test score reports is not required unless you are listing new GMAT, GRE, EA, or TOEFL scores in your application. If so, please send an official score report to the Berkeley MBA for Executives Admissions Office. You must submit new test scores if your test was taken before June 2016 (TOEFL, IELTS) or October 2015 (GMAT, GRE).

GMAT or EA: Institution Code N2V-PT-85
GRE: Institution Code 0667
TOEFL: Institution Code 4833
IELTS: Institution Code N/A


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