Core Courses

The Berkeley MBA for Executives curriculum begins with ten required core courses anchored in the fundamentals of business and delivered in the first three terms. These courses build upon one another and provide the analytical tools and essential knowledge to lead effectively.

Managerial Economics (Micro)

Think systematically about achieving competitive advantage through the management of the firm's resources.

Financial Accounting

Examine accounting measurements for general-purpose financial reports, and gain clear understanding of published financial statements.

Data and Decisions

Become a critical consumer of statistical analysis by learning how to interpret regression analysis, model formation and testing, and diagnostic checking.


Understand how to value assets given forecasts of future cash flows and about the risk characteristics of different asset classes.

Creating Effective Organizations

Understand how to make optimal decisions and to manage teams effectively, and gain tools to lead and influence others.

Marketing Organization and Management

Advance your understanding of buyer behavior, market research, segmentation, marketing decision-making, marketing structures, and evaluation of marketing performance.

Operations Management

Gain an overview of issues facing manufacturing and service companies, including process analysis, project management, and supply chain management.

Competitive and Corporate Strategy

Study approaches that lead to a firm’s achievement of strategic goals and objectives—within a competitive context.

Macroeconomics in the Global Economy

Frame managerial questions within a larger macroeconomic context, increasing your ability to navigate uncertainty with more precision and confidence.

Building Trust-Based Relationships

Strengthen your ability to lead others through conceptual understanding of and tools for building trust in a business setting.

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