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Work/Life Balance

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*Schedules may vary for immersions and some elective choices.

You didn’t get where you are without juggling a lot of priorities. Yet you may wonder just how you’ll add an executive MBA program to a life already brimming over with work, family, friends, pets, athletic pursuits, and other projects.

The simple answer? You don’t do it alone. At Berkeley-Haas, executives get the support they need to be successful students and still achieve balance.

How to Add MBA Studies to Your Life


Lean on the EMBA Program Office

Staff in our Executive MBA Program Office focus on saving you time, so you can focus on learning and bonding with classmates while hotel reservations are made for you, meals are taken care of, textbooks are purchased and delivered electronically, and cross-program networking opportunities and campus activities such as tailgate picnics and guest speakers are arranged.

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Make Your Family and Partner Part of the Experience

For many of our students, going through the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program is a family affair—especially since they are here, in part, to make a better life for their families. We welcome families and partners at events such as Partner Palooza, family picnics, and the annual Haas Gala. Your family may also decide to come along for an immersion week and join in on non-curricular dinners, receptions, and tours.

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Enjoy the Social Side of School Life

As you bond with fellow students, dinners and late-night study sessions during each block are often where long-lasting friendships are formed, life philosophies debated, and startup ideas explored. Before you know it, school also offers a rich social life.

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Step on Campus, Shift Your Mindset

Stepping onto the UC Berkeley campus, with its meandering streams, towering redwoods, and Beaux Arts buildings, marks a clear transition from the workplace to school, making it easier to unplug from other concerns and plug into dynamic classroom discussions.

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Take Your Classroom Learning to Work (and Vice Versa)

Balance becomes less of an issue as the line between school and work starts to dissolve. This happens when what you’re learning affects how you work—and the classroom becomes a place where you can work through workplace challenges.

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Advice from Executive MBA Students—and Their Partners

Read more from EMBA students and their partners on our blog.

Sally Allain and Partner Richard


“Evening and weekend events, whether at Berkeley or during immersion weeks, have been a great opportunity for our partners to meet and connect, and made our class cohort experience even more personal.”


“Begin with an honest discussion of the commitment required to fully realize the opportunity offered by Haas. There will be tradeoffs. Making sure you give your supporting spouse their own time ‘off’ is also really important.”

Alphonsus Cheng and Partner Emma


“Communicate your commitments and expectations so there are no surprises. Also, Emma and I started calendaring each other, combining our work Outlook with our personal calendars so nothing was left to memory.”


“Get to know the other spouses in the program. It was nice to have Haas events open to partners and children as it allowed more opportunities to more deeply connect with Alf’s classmates and their families.”

Kriya Chantalat and Partner Nina


“It can get stressful at times, so just being a support system for each other is important because each of you will need it at different times.”


“The partner panel helps new students and spouses understand the program, and the Facebook group and the class outings keep us connected and in the loop. I especially enjoyed week students spent in the Napa Valley, because the partners all had dinner, a spa day, and brunch together.”

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