Our students demonstrate professional achievement, academic aptitude, and leadership potential and come from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds.

The Berkeley Haas MBA for Executives admissions team takes a holistic approach to reviewing applications, seeking to understand all aspects of a candidate’s character, qualifications, and experiences.

All interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

Berkeley MBA for Executives Application

The first step is creating your Application Portal through our secure online system. Your Portal will be your guide through the admissions process from the time you begin your application through the time you submit your enrollment deposit.
  • You will complete the application, upload all required documents, monitor the status of your application, and receive your application decision through your Portal.
  • You may enter, update, and save information in your application any time until you’ve submitted your application.
  • Your application must be submitted by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on the date of the application deadline.
  • Once you submit your application, you will not be able to make changes to your application, but be sure to monitor your Portal for updates on your application status.
  • We will send you a confirmation email upon receipt of your application and supplemental materials.
  • Be sure to remember the email address you use to create your account. All communications regarding your application will go to this email address.
Reapplying to the Berkeley MBA Program

If you've previously applied to any Berkeley MBA program, including the MBA for Executives Program, you still need to create a new application. See our information for Reapplicants.

International Applicants

If you received your undergraduate degree outside of the United States and/or are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, see our information for International Applicants.

University Transcripts

  • We require copies from all institutions you have attended or are currently attending. However, we only require official or original transcripts from the institution where you were awarded your bachelor's degree.
  • Must arrive in a sealed envelope as issued by the school
  • If the institution provides official electronic transcripts, they can be emailed directly from the institution to:

 You must upload to your application copies of transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate programs you have attended or are currently attending since graduating high school/secondary school.  You must also list each of these schools in the Academic History section of the application.

Do not send transcripts for seminars, ESL classes, professional development courses, computer certifications, etc.

U.S. Transcript Submission

Transcripts must arrive in a sealed envelope as issued by the school. Transcripts may be sent directly by the issuing institution or by the applicant (still sealed), together with other supplemental materials to the following address:

Berkeley MBA for Executives Program Admissions
Haas School of Business
430 Student Services Bldg. #1910
Berkeley, CA 94720-1910

Non-U.S. Transcript Submission

Please see our information for international applicants.

Employment & Resume

To review the progression and milestones of your career, we ask that you provide us details of each of your professional roles since you have finished your undergraduate studies. Please break out each of your positions separately and provide dates and details for each position.

We also ask that you upload a current resume through the online application. We prefer chronological resumes no longer than 2 pages, in PDF format.
Learn more about how we review your professional experience. 

Standardized Tests & Quantitative Readiness

As one way to evaluate potential success in the program, we require all applicants to submit official results from one of the following standardized tests:

We view all three tests equally and there are no minimum scores to apply to the program. For those not familiar with the Executive Assessment, the EA is specifically designed to evaluate the business school readiness of seasoned professionals. The assessment focuses on skills that are critical both at work and in an MBA for Executives program: higher order reasoning, critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving. The test is administered by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC).

We will accept official scores for GMAT, EA, or GRE exams taken October 2018 or later for 2023-2024 applicants. These scores must also be verifiable with the testing agency. The testing agencies keep the scores for five years from the date the test was taken so you must submit your official scores to us directly from the testing agency prior to them expiring. We will keep your test score reports on file for two years.

All applicants must provide self-reported scores as part of the application, in addition to ordering your official score report with our institution codes. When requesting your official results, please use the following institution codes:

  • EA institution code: N2V-PT-85
  • GMAT Institution Code: N2V-PT-85
  • GRE Institution Code: 0667

Applicants with a PhD with evidence of strong quantitative skills or an advanced medical degree, as listed below, may request an exemption from submitting standardized test scores:  

  • PhD
  • MD
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
  • DDS or DMD
  • DVM
  • PharmD

To request a waiver, applicants must start an application, upload all academic transcripts, and send an email request to We will review your request and the admissions committee will notify you within 5-7 days.

If you require more time to take an exam, please contact the admissions office to discuss your situation.

The Haas Quantitative Readiness Course 

Bolster your application and prepare for MBA coursework

The optional QRC provides a no-cost option for demonstrating academic readiness and prepares you for the rigors of MBA coursework. The virtual course is self-paced and includes online support from an instructor.

Who should take the course?

The QRC is for MBA applicants who have limited experience using quantitative skills in their academic or professional background and would like to provide more evidence of academic readiness to support their MBA candidacy. It also benefits incoming students who would like to brush up on and/or enhance their quantitative skills in preparation for their MBA.

Note: If you are taking UCB Extension Math for Management, you do not need to take this course.

QRC Course Format and Cost
  • The course videos and instructor access are offered free of charge. You may complete the course or portions of the course by watching the videos at your own pace with online support from the professor.
  • The course is divided into 7 modules: 
  1. Math Fundamentals for Business Part I
  2. Math Fundamentals For Business Part II
  3. Statistics Part I
  4. Statistics Part II
  5. Finance Part I
  6. Finance Part II
  7. Microeconomics
  • Each module is intended to take about one week to complete; however, it is possible to go slower or more quickly depending on your experience with the topics and how much time you invest each week. You may also accelerate through the first two modules by testing out of them.
To Enroll in the Course 
  • Applicants must start an application 
  • Select the ‘Essay’ tab where you can indicate you are interested in the QRC course and complete the request to enroll. 
  • If you have already submitted your application, you may use this link to log into your portal and complete the request to enroll.
Preparing for the Executive Assessment

Join the Haas MBA for Executives admissions team and guest, Eric Chambers of GMAC, makers of the GMAT and the Executive Assessment (EA), to learn how to prepare to take the Executive Assessment. During this discussion, you will learn about the test content, structure, and resources to help you prepare in under four weeks. He’ll also walk through practice problems from each section. You’ll leave ready to conquer the test.

English Language Proficiency Exams: TOEFL/IELTS

Applicants who received their degrees in countries other than the U.S., UK, Australia, English-speaking Canada, or Singapore are required to take the TOEFL exam or the IELTS exam.

If you have completed at least one year of full-time academic coursework with grades of “B” or better in residence at a recognized US institution at your time of application. You must submit an official transcript from the US institution.

The following courses will not fulfill this requirement:

  • Courses in English as a Second Language
  • Courses conducted in a language other than English
  • Courses that will be completed after you apply
  • Courses of a non-degree or non-academic nature


We’re looking for honest, thoughtful responses that help us get to know you; there truly is no one “right” answer to our essay questions. While you should answer each question thoroughly, you should not exceed the specified lengths.

Essay 1 - Personal Story

To help admissions get to know you please share something about yourself that may not be evident in other parts of your application. Examples might include information about your family, culture, hobbies, and lived experiences. Please avoid professional topics. (300 word limit)

Essay 2 - Professional Statement

Please summarize your primary area of professional expertise or knowledge. What do you do, and what are you known for? (150 words)

Letters of Recommendation

We require two letters of recommendation that address your management and leadership potential. Letters of recommendation provide the admissions committee with outside perspectives on your leadership to date and the impact you've made at work. 
  • It is recommended, but not required, that one letter be from your current direct supervisor.
  • The letters will be submitted through our online system.

Learn more about what we look for in your letters of recommendation.


An interview with the Admissions Committee is required for applicants before admission to the program can be offered.

  • The interview is approximately 30 minutes long and will be with a member of the Admissions Committee.
  • During the interview you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions as well as help us better understand your career, background, and interests. 
  • For greater accessibility, you will have the opportunity to interview virtually or in person.
  • The mode of your interview will have no impact on your admissions decision.
Scheduling your Interview

For your convenience, you can choose to schedule your interview before or after you submit your application. 

You can find information about scheduling your interview in the Interview section of the application. You will need to have completed the "Personal Data" section of your application and have your current resume uploaded before you interview. After that, you may schedule your interview by clicking the button in the Interview section. 

Non-refundable Application Fee

A $200 non-refundable application fee is required and payable by credit card within the online application.

Fee waivers are available for:

  • Nonprofit / Public Service Employees. Employees of nonprofit and public service are eligible for a fee waiver.
  • U.S. military service members. U.S military service members (active, veteran, or honorably discharged). Please include documentation of service or certificate of eligibility. (Do not submit a copy of your military ID.)
  • Participants in the Summer Institute for Emerging Managers & Leaders (SIEML) program.
  • Citizenship in a country on the African Continent.
  • Currently unemployed due to a lay off which occurred after June 1, 2023.

You will apply for a fee waiver within the application. Requests for a fee waiver must be received at least three (3) business days prior to the application deadline for which you are applying.

Application Tips


Make it manageable. In just five minutes, you can create your login, input your basic information, upload your resume, or jot down some essay ideas.


There truly is no one "right" answer. We just want to get to know you better. 


Ask ahead. It can take schools two to three weeks to mail a transcript.

Entrance Exams

Prepare well for the GMAT, GRE, or EA. Berkeley EMBA student Manoj Thomas discusses his test prep experience in this podcast.

Letters of Recommendation

Give your recommenders enough time. As a professional courtesy, you should aim to request your letters 3-6 weeks ahead of the application deadline.

Amber Jones

Amber Jones

Human Investing
Portland, Oregon

"I am humbled to be among my EMBA classmates. They are smart, driven, and funny. They challenge, inspire, and support me. The EMBA program puts me on a bigger stage, with players from top companies in a variety of fields.