Employment & Resumes

    Professional Experience

    The quality of our MBA program is immeasurably enriched by the real-world business experience that students bring to the classroom from a variety of industries and functions. In general, the majority of our students have 9-21 years of full-time professional work experience following the completion of their undergraduate degree. More important than years of work experience is the richness of that experience.

    As we evaluate this section our goal is to better understand your impact as a professional. The information you submit in this section should clearly give us insight into your professional journey, leadership roles, and the contributions you have made along the way. 

    As we review your application we want to understand the depth and breadth of your experience as well as your professional impact. We are interested in your career journey from the time you graduated from your undergrad program until now. Help us understand why you transitioned from one role to another and how your responsibilities evolved in each position. If your career journey has taken some twists and turns, don’t worry, those experiences will bring another layer of dimension to the class.  


    We also look at your professional resume. Your resume provides a snapshot of your professional journey. The resume is your chance to highlight the impact you’ve had at each company. You can also use your resume to note any professional and community organizations you’ve been a part of, how you’ve demonstrated leadership within each role, and the overall progression of your career.

    Please upload a current resume through the online application. We prefer chronological resumes of no more than 2 pages, in PDF format.