Career Management

The Berkeley EMBA is about much more than preparing you for that next job. It’s about building skills and relationships that position you for a lifetime of professional growth.

It’s about understanding what meaningful work means for you, and how to attain and sustain it. It’s about scaling your abilities—and your impact.

As coursework, co-curricular opportunities, and even conversations with classmates begin to spark new ideas about your future, your career coach partners with you on identifying and developing a path toward work that will mean the most to you.

Career Support Tailored to Executives

Are you looking to accelerate your current trajectory or seeking leadership opportunities in a new field? Perhaps you're interested in entrepreneurship. Or, it may be that you are giving yourself this time to explore and open yourself to new possibilities. Executive-focused support from the Career Management Group can help you find and successfully pursue your passion.

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Plugged-in Peers

Your classmates come from all walks of life and from all kinds of workplaces. Because you bond so closely through the program, they become a network of trusted advisors, as well as boosters, eager to share meaningful insights and to make introductions.

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A Highly Engaged Alumni Network

While quantity is one important measure of an alumni network, quality is even more so. You need people working where you’d like to work and doing things you’d like to be doing—who will engage, imparting wisdom or making a call on your behalf. Meet the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network: 39,000-strong and committed to strengthening each other.

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Marisa Mitchell

Marisa Mitchell

Intersect Power
San Francisco, California

"When I applied to Haas, I felt that I'd mastered my role as a technical specialist. I was interested in other aspects of the business like marketing, project financing, and overall business strategy."