Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Alexander Weber-Shapiro

Alexander Weber-Shapiro


Senior Product Manager
Major League Baseball
San Francisco, California

"Being in block for three days on campus gives us something close to a full-time MBA experience with the added benefit of still having a job."

Finding his career sweet spot

Sports has always been a passion, particularly baseball, and I’m fascinated by the tech space. MLB’s San Francisco office is responsible for much of the league’s relationship with the tech space, so it’s a great fit.

I work with engineers and infrastructure, as well as broadcast networks. In a given week, I might be involved in planning for the next season, negotiating and problem solving with broadcasters, and refining our operations and virtual graphics.

In some ways, I’m here to learn basic skills like finance that have never been part of my job responsibilities. But even more, I’m here to learn about myself and what I really have to offer.

Gaining credibility and confidence

There is a standard of credibility that having an MBA gives you.

I’m already a better contributor at work. I’ve contributed to solving accounting issues, displaying statistics, and calculating net present value—all things I would have struggled with before.

No matter where my career trajectory takes me, I will carry with me the greater self-confidence and structured knowledge I’m gaining at Haas.

Networking with faculty

The Haas network starts with your cohort and the faculty. I have running conversations with Professor Shachar Kariv on microeconomics.

Professor Lucas Davis’ Statistics class was perfectly constructed. I’ve carried over many of the concepts to apply to our graphics such as stolen base probability. It was a very personal application of theory to my real-world situation.

I remember a classmate volunteering their first-hand experience with the company when Professor Homa Bahrami led a case study discussion in Creating Effective Organizations. That’s the kind of rich work experience represented in my cohort.

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