Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Amber Jones

Amber Jones


Human Investing
Portland, Oregon

"I have always admired UC Berkeley as a respected institution. And now, its proximity to Silicon Valley moves it even closer to mecca from a career perspective."

Lessons from class become tools on the job

My work as CFO at Human Investing goes far beyond the accounting responsibilities I had early in my career. My studies are introducing me to skills—both hard and soft—and a range of new perspectives.

In Creating Effective Organizations, I learned techniques to motivate and reward individual staff members who are not managing people but are making big contributions to our success.

I love being able to bring new ideas back to my job after being on campus.

Commitment to community at work and school

As I considered MBA programs, every encounter with Haas—from a panel discussion in Portland, Oregon to campus visits—people’s behavior was consistent with the Defining Leadership Principles. It still is.

As a CFO, my job is looking for better ways to manage our company. I think of Questioning the Status Quo as having a yes-and attitude.

Beyond Yourself is very meaningful for me personally and professionally. Human Investing is a B-Corp, and we are determined to use our time and resources to add value to our community. That is consistent with the Haas culture, too.

Plan for fun, rely on inspiring support

I am humbled to be among my EMBA classmates. They are smart, driven, and funny. They challenge, inspire, and support me.

The EMBA program puts me on a bigger stage, with players from top companies in a variety of fields.

I love being VP-Community for my cohort. It gives me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with my cohort outside of the classroom, like sharing S’mores and going out to dinner.

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