Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Marisa Hewitt

Marisa Hewitt


Associate Director, Business Operations
San Rafael, California

"We’re all on a journey of personal growth, doing a lot of work on our own values, framed by the Defining Leadership Principles. We talk a lot about how we show up as leaders, how we lead from positions of trust."

A move from science to the art and science of management

Until recently, I thought my career would continue on its technical trajectory. Then I got curious about other parts of the business and realized that I enjoyed managing people and thinking more broadly, and I needed to learn more before I could move into other parts of the business.

I have gained a broader perspective and can see the impact to the business of decisions made at the functional level. And I now recognize the importance of opening up the time to connect as a manager.

I love going into work on Monday after block, filled with ideas and new skills. My Finance Department rep will tell you that I am a much better cost center manager now that I’ve taken Financial Accounting.

An investment in yourself and your future

A full-time MBA was not an option, given the financial and opportunity cost. Plus, I liked the idea of being in a classroom with people closer to my own age and experience level.

The cost of the program is terrifying, but the potential return on investment is reassuring. I can see myself making a lateral move at BioMarin into a completely new part of the business, like business development or strategy that would not have been open to me.

BioMarin is on the leading edge, and I will be so much better prepared to help us stay there. That is a great ROI.

Leadership communication with principles and confidence

Going Beyond Yourself was evident in our Leadership Communications immersion week. We started coaching each other and we still hold each other accountable to be our most authentic selves.

I had been making slow progress getting over my fear of public speaking, but I had reached a plateau. In the Leadership Communications immersion week I realized a lot of my trouble was lack of confidence. Being coached to speak from the heart with confidence made me realize I had the potential to grow into a better speaker. And leader.

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