Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Margaret Park

Margaret Park


Senior Art Director
San Francisco, California

"An art director with an MBA is pretty uncommon in the creative space. An art director developing a diverse network at Berkeley Haas is beyond cool."

Rising to a higher level of sophistication

The EMBA program continues my unorthodox career journey. My undergrad degree is in business, but I veered quickly into fashion and design. In a way, I’m coming full circle, but at a much higher level of sophistication and purpose.

Business is typically not a heavy focus in most design school curricula, but good design has to fulfill a strategy. I love straddling that line and advocating for what is best from both the business and the creative perspectives.

I love my job at Sephora and knew I wanted a part-time MBA program. The rankings of the Berkeley MBA for Executives program intimidated me at first, but once I experienced the Haas culture, I knew it was the right program for me.

Becoming a better business partner

I find that the focus on active listening and empathy in Creating Effective Organizations and in the Building Trust-Based Relationships classes is having a positive impact at work and in my personal life.

The quantitative classes have really changed how I look at my job. Thanks to Statistics, I can look more critically at the market segments described in a creative brief. And I’ve used lessons from Microeconomics to evaluate a pricing strategy for a Sephora-sponsored event.

Learning with people who are wired differently

One of my favorite aspects of the EMBA classroom is that we can ask each other difficult questions in a safe, academic environment.

I appreciate that not all of my classmates are wired the same way. Some are more math minded, and others come with an experiential or marketing-centric mindset. These different perspectives create an interesting mix.

During block, we can be up until 3 a.m. pitching start-up ideas to each other and brainstorming solutions for issues we’re facing at work. And that’s after an evening of karaoke!

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