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Rose Maizner

Rose Maizner

Associate Renewable Tech Ventures Salt Lake City, Utah

She had no finance background, but when Rose Maizner first learned about the potential of using a venture capital model to fund socially and environmentally progressive organizations, she was intrigued. She already had the expertise in socially responsible business and now is developing her finance and investment skills as a Berkeley-Haas student.


BA, Multicultural Psychology & Hispanic Studies Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


Founder & President CauseRock Consulting Salt Lake City, Utah


"Hallie Fox identifies as a fellow "poet," but has dedicated herself to mastering the quant material in a way that I truly admire. She not only figures it out, but does an amazing job of explaining it to everyone else in our study group."

Everyone pitches in to help each other out.

“Having a class filled with people from wildly diverse backgrounds means that I’m not the only one who has never thought about ‘elasticity of demand.’ Fortunately, the collaborative Berkeley-Haas culture means everyone pitches in to help each other out.”

“During our first block, I kept asking myself ‘how have I done my job for three years without knowing some of this stuff?’ That’s both a testament to my employer’s faith in me and the professors’ ability to quickly teach fundamental principles and tools.”

“Working as I do with cleantech startups, I have found Professor Steve Tadelis’ Microeconomics class has really helped me to more critically evaluate how these companies price—or should price—their disruptive technologies.”

After just one semester, I've gained confidence.

“After just one semester, I’ve gained confidence and people are noticing that. I’m really interested in understanding better how Confidence Without Attitude applies to leadership.”

“I love being in block with my classmates. Reading about it, you might think that the togetherness would feel forced, but it’s not. We are genuinely interested in each other and spend hours talking after class in the hotel lobby and bar.”

EMBA students are fully welcomed into all of the various MBA program activities.

“I really want to get involved in the Venture Capital Investment Competition. It was a huge draw that EMBA students are fully welcomed into all of the various MBA program activities.”

“I’m already getting a good return on investment. At work, I’m able to look at deals much more critically. I can often find a Berkeley-Haas connection to some of the firms we’re talking with. I know that having stronger leadership and decision-making skills will stand me in good stead with my consulting clients, too. “

“I really appreciate how easy the Program Office makes it for us commuters. They’ve been able to book extended hotel stays at a discounted rate and really go above and beyond to accommodate our needs.”