Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma


Director, Structural Heart Program
Mercy General Hospital
Sacramento, California

"I am not only a better physician now—a better listener and more empathetic—I am prepared to make better business decisions."

Serve a larger denominator

My career has evolved organically from surgeon to leadership positions where I’m able to affect the care of a greater number of patients. Getting my MBA allows me to continue to expand my reach.

I had no business background going into my MBA. I’m here to cultivate a skillset and build a network to positively affect the health of a larger denominator.

My immediate goal is to gain the business context and structure to navigate my roles—as a physician and a leader—more efficiently and to make better decisions right now.

Apply lessons on the job immediately

I use 100% of what I’m learning in class on the job. The Marketing class helped me understand our messages and how to approach the communities we serve. Statistics gave me a platform to use data much more effectively. Finance class has given me the tools to assess and improve our long-term sustainability.

The soft-skills side of leadership is really an art, and classes like Leadership Communications, Building Trust-Based Relationships, and Creating Effective Organizations are helping me evolve as a communicator. I’m getting an immediate return on investment in the improved day-to-day relationships I have at work.

The industry speakers Professor Homa Bahrami invited to our Creating Effective Organizations class inspired and opened doors for me. These are people who are instrumental in firms like Mozilla, Tesla, and Nvidia.

Experience the face-to-face difference

I could have gained a lot of the basic knowledge in an online MBA program, but there is no substitute for the relationship building that takes place on campus. That is really where the Haas culture takes the forefront.

Face-to-face encounters and conversations with industry leaders and innovators are something you just can’t get in an online program, or even in a more local MBA program.

The three-day residency is therapeutic. It gives me distance from my day-to-day responsibilities and gives me permission—and the support—to be deeply introspective.

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