Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Sergio Rojas

Sergio Rojas


Country Manager
La Haus
Mexico City, Mexico

"My EMBA classmates speak of success as “we” rather than “I”; failures from the “I” and not from the “them” perspective. They never withhold information but willingly share it."

Building multidisciplinary skills to broaden career possibilities

"As I’m transitioning from my current job into looking for a new venture, ideally at a VC firm or a start-up, now is the time to acquire new talents and sharpen my skills. I've worked most of my career at Dadoo, my current employer, and I want to be challenged by different perspectives."

"I believe that an MBA will help me develop a stronger capacity for analysis, as well as use of technology and innovation. It will improve my capacity to work in multidisciplinary roles, and it will help me make decisions that are rooted in facts and analysis rather than on the whim of the moment."

"Equally important, an MBA will help me to develop my softer skills. I want to become a better leader, but I also want to be a strong partner in group settings. Haas is preparing me for both of those roles."

Learning how to impact company culture through an EMBA program

"Haas was the right fit for me because of its mutual emphasis on both professional skills and personal character."

"I wanted to join a program that would teach me about the vital ingredients that really shape a company, such as leadership, management, and entrepreneurial spirit. I'll be able to immediately apply these as I build or join a venture."

Learning from distinguished faculty and experienced classmates

"I know that the give is as important as the take. The program has allowed me to join a community where I will have the opportunity to share my experiences and perspectives while I also benefit from learning the perspectives of classmates who come from different backgrounds and industries."

"The teachers at Haas are recognized experts on business theory. Combined with hearing how my fellow students use these theories, and how they've impacted their success and missteps is one of the main reasons to join an executive program."

Leading by example and watching classmates do the same

"What amazes me is my classmates' "beyond yourself" approach to leadership. They want to learn how the world works, and they're not scared of what's unfamiliar. They'll use different resources, and each other, to gain insight in what they don't know. My EMBA classmates speak of success as “we” rather than “I”; failures from the “I” and not from the “them” perspective. They never withhold information but willingly share it."

"I believe that business is not a zero sum game. Value is created by repeated business and, I am convinced that the most important asset one owns is his/her personal reputation. Long-term business relationships rely on trust, integrity, honesty, and compassion. I believe in the power of partnership and that a team is the right conduit to achieve great results."

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