Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Cassie Dickerson

Cassie Dickerson


Manager, Open Innovation Advanced Personalization Ideation Center
Chicago, IL

"Being at Berkeley Haas puts me in the heart of innovation."

Being at Berkeley Haas puts me in the heart of innovation.

This is a top-ranked program where I am gaining more experience and insights into marketing without removing myself from innovation and technology.

Haas excels at teaching marketing through the lens of consumer behavior. That reflects the way I want to learn and the direction I want my career to take.

There are so many great professors in the marketing and consumer behavior spaces. I am diving into their résumés and class descriptions, learning about their passions and research to help me design my independent study project.

A cohort of peers

I was willing to put my career on pause to enroll in a full-time MBA, but a couple of promotions at work put me in a position where that would have put me behind in my trajectory after graduation.

The EMBA puts me in an environment with classmates who are going through similar growth in their careers in very different industries. My classmates include physicians, engineers, people in real estate, and several attorneys.

We use each other as subject matter experts inside and outside of the classroom. When you post a message on our Slack channel, asking ‘Who has dealt with . . .’ you’re certain to get an answer.

Lessons in leadership are everywhere

The opportunity to test and explore my own leadership style in a safe space has been invaluable. I am learning both my strengths and weaknesses.

All of our classes, whether or not they have ‘leadership’ in the title, deliver lessons in leadership.

As our class president, I lead through influence and collaboration, not through authority. In effect, I’m leading a group of leaders—ridiculously smart leaders.

Geography is no limit

My class tipped the scale with two-thirds of us commuting from outside the Bay Area. We demonstrate that geography does not need to limit your ability to earn a Berkeley Haas MBA.

I get a lot of work done when I’m in flying to and from Chicago. The rhythm of weekends in class once a month and time back at home and on the job gives you a needed reprieve.

I enjoy coming in early or lingering after a block, giving me time to explore the Bay Area. Classmates who live here give me great tips on where to go. I’m loving the unique energy and vibe here.

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