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Sharrifah Al-Salem

Sharrifah Al-Salem

Co-Founder, CEO BrightDay San Francisco, California

Steeped in finance and experienced in consulting, Sharrifah Al-Salem had not given entrepreneurship much thought until she entered the Berkeley MBA for Executives program. That changed with the Silicon Valley Immersion Week. She and a classmate are nurturing a startup, energized by the opportunity to create and lead something of their own.


BSc Management Science University of California, San Diego San Diego, California


“You will be challenged in ways you probably haven't been in years—socially, emotionally and intellectually. But the hard work will be worth it—you will exit a better, more well-rounded person than you entered.”

My MBA studies have already paid off in spades.

“My MBA studies have already paid off in spades. I know so much more about myself, about how I am perceived, and about how to lead in my own authentic style. You really can’t put a price tag on that.”

“I travel for work, so the Evening & Weekend MBA Program would have been a logistical nightmare. The block scheduling of the executive program is much easier to handle.”

I'm making friendships here that will last a lifetime.

“As co-VP of Alumni Relations, I have a close-up view of just how awesome the Haas Alumni Network is. Indeed, the alumni network was one of the factors I looked at when comparing MBA programs. The Haas Alumni Network is unsurpassed.”

“Classmates are incredibly generous with their advice and help for our startup. There’s a real sense that our success will be their success as well.”

“I describe my classmates as superheroes who all have a different super power. Everyone is outstanding in his or her own way.”

“Every one of my classmates exhibits Confidence Without Attitude. They have accomplished amazing things and lead important companies. They never boast, but it is clear they are brilliant in many different ways. “

Class discussions are the best learning opportunity.

“Class discussions are the best learning opportunity. The professors don’t talk at us; they engage us in discussions. I really enjoy the collegiality.”

“Building Trust-Based Relationships helped me understand just how important it is to ask questions and really listen to the answers. I now understand just how important trust is when you want to encourage creativity among others.”

“Luke Kreinberg in the Career Management Group gives you homework to engage you in your career. He helped me focus and learn how to position myself for my next career move.”

“Now that I’m working in a company that markets directly to consumers, what I learned inmy marketing class is directly useful. I better understand the vocabulary and am finding that some of the marketing metrics are very applicable to what I do in investor relations.”