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Marina Levi

Marina Levi

Chief of Staff, End User Computing VMware Palo Alto, California

When she arrived in Silicon Valley, Marina Levi was immediately taken by its energy and how cutting-edge technology is changing the way people work, interact, and play. She wanted to grow as a technology business leader and embark on a career path toward greater, global impact. The Berkeley MBA for Executives is giving her the tools, network, and world-class learning environment to do just that.


BS/BA, Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois


“The executive MBA program is a time for me to explore ideas, paths, and roles for the future. It builds skillsets that can be used across any industry and function."


"Learning and growing in entrepreneurship, design-thinking, and leadership.”

My classmates are explorers who want to shape our world in meaningful ways.

“I applied first for the Full-Time MBA Program at Berkeley-Haas. The first question the admissions officer asked me during my interview was, ‘Why not the executive MBA program?’ She was right. My classmates come from all corners of the world, are incredibly diverse and, as accomplished as they are, are all explorers who want to do more to shape our world in meaningful ways.”

“I love seeing the very different perspectives that my classmates bring to discussions – inside and outside the classroom. They ask questions that I couldn’t anticipate and in doing that, help me learn so much more.”

“I did not expect that we would have such access to our professors, who are some of the best in the world. Steve Tadelis, Greg LaBlanc and Veselina Dinova have spent countless breakfasts and lunches with us, discussing world events and providing career guidance.”

I made some very good friends right from my first visit.

“While visiting Berkeley-Haas, I was struck by the camaraderie, warmth, and high energy of the classmates, even at breakfast! Everyone was genuinely kind and curious, and I made some very good friends right from my first visit. Interacting with the people and observing incredible classroom experience, I was convinced that Berkeley is absolutely the right program for me!”

“The Defining Principles are a critical part of the program and culture. From the first day, they’ve become a part of our daily discussions. We call each other when we see them in action, especially Beyond Yourself and Question the Status Quo. We embrace and celebrate how these principles challenge us to grow in unexpected ways.”

I am already able to use what I've learned.

“My classmates are very connected with each other and have been very helpful from day one. Right now, I am mentoring a young woman who wants to make a career in public policy. I’ve already been able to introduce her to one of my classmates, Sonali Patel, who was a White House policy adviser.”

“Part of my management responsibilities is examining business performance. I am already able to use what I've learned in accounting, statistics, and managerial economics to express a broader perspective and lead from a different level than just a few months ago before being in the program."

 “The residency is critical to continuous learning and building very strong relationships. In a few short weeks, we got to know each other, met our families, and quickly became friends. The meaningful conversations that take place are just one more place where learning and growth happen. It’s the best part of the program!”