Following three terms of core coursework, you take electives in your final two terms. Your options include Executive MBA anchor electives, independent study, and cross-listed electives at Berkeley Haas.

And, because you study on campus, you also have access to the many electives across UC Berkeley graduate programs, from engineering and education to law and public policy, based on schedule and availability. 

Anchor Elective Courses

Our anchor electives are tailored to the Executive MBA schedule and further your abilities along the four most critical dimensions of the executive skill set: leadership, entrepreneurship, strategy, and finance.

Sample anchor electives in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program include:

Corporate Finance

Adopt the perspective of a CFO as you learn how to finance and value projects and companies.

Data Analytics

Make your marketing strategy more robust by learning how to leverage data scientists and analytics experts.

Executive Leadership

Understand how to maximize collective success and set the context for extraordinary work.

Financial Information Analysis

Gain a framework for applying business analysis and valuation to a variety of business decisions.

Game Theory in Practice

Understand with mathematical precision what happens when decision-makers interact.

Global Strategy

Learn how to develop and implement a strategic plan for achieving cross-border goals and objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Understand how to create shareholder value and avoid costly pitfalls in acquiring or selling a business.


Deepen your understanding of human nature and the psychology of conflict to be successful in achieving your goals.

New Venture Finance

Learn how to successfully finance a high growth business through each of its life stages.

Opportunity Recognition

Examine the entrepreneurial approaches most likely to succeed in a setting of rapid technological change and limited resources.


Learn how to fix flawed enterprises, be they sound but underperforming or in the grasp of a death spiral.

Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM)

GNAM leverages resources from 30 leading global business schools in 28 countries, bringing students together to explore how business is done in countries at every stage of their development. You can participate through Small Network Online classes or participate in a Global Network Week at a member school.

Electives in Other Berkeley MBA Programs

Some electives offered in our Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program are dual-listed and hold a set number of seats for EMBA students. Additionally, students may elect to enroll in other Evening & Weekend or Full-time MBA program electives, subject to course availability and space constraints. Students have taken classes that include Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations, Hedge Fund Strategies, and The Business Case for Investing in Women.

Electives in Other UC Berkeley Graduate Schools

You may also choose to take electives in other graduate schools, such as the Schools of Law, Information, Public Policy, or Engineering. Note that some courses may conflict with the executive MBA schedule and that students in those schools receive priority enrollment.

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Jacob Kislevitz

Jacob Kislevitz

Open Innovation
San Francisco, California

“We've formed an informal group focused on social impact. It's such an advantage to have the resources of the entire Berkeley campus at our disposal. I am especially looking forward to working with the Center for Responsible Business.”