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Experiential Learning

Student perspective

*Schedules may vary for immersions and some elective choices.

In the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program 25 percent of your learning is experiential, with field immersions that invite deep focus on five areas: leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, global business, and public policy.

Led by top faculty, these powerful experiences place you on the ground in Silicon Valley, Washington, DC, and in such global business hubs as Shanghai or São Paulo. They connect you with path-breaking entrepreneurs, with high-level leaders in business and government and, even more closely, with your classmates. 

And though these immersions take you off campus, the experience is 100 precent Berkeley-Haas: transformative and powered by our thought leadership and by our deep connections in the Bay Area and around the globe.*

Berkeley EMBA Field Immersions


Leadership Communications

Term 1 | Monterey Coast

With executive coach and lecturer Mark Rittenberg, learn how to motivate and inspire audiences, grow through self-reflection, empower workgroups, build a support system, and turn your successes and failures into valuable learning opportunities. The course also focuses on giving, receiving, and applying feedback.


Applied Innovation

Term 2 | San Francisco

In this hands-on week, focus on design-centered thinking and development, and engage with design firms and leaders from corporate innovation labs. Learn how to go beyond obvious questions and answers to find the insights that lead to breakthrough innovation. Generate ideas, experiment, prototype, derive meaning from customer insights, iterate, and pitch, applying these tools to design and redesign solutions and business models.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Term 3 | Silicon Valley

Gain insight into the core capabilities of entrepreneurs and the demands, benefits, and risks of launching or working at a startup. You’ll explore the unparalleled entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area with Professor Toby Stuart, faculty director of the Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program, and learn through lectures and cases and by engaging with the VC community and in frank conversations with founders and C-suite executives.

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Global Immersion

Term 4 | International

Uncover the key factors influencing global business success during a week in an international hub, through a mix of lecture, company visits, and discussions with local business and government leaders. Previous classes have traveled to Singapore to explore the market entry of U.S. companies into Asia and to Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo to delve into sports marketing, entrepreneurship and venture capital, and multi-national corporations.

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Public Policy

Term 5 | Washington, DC

Travel to Washington, DC, to explore the relationship between public policy, business, and the economy. Previous classes have discussed policy with White House staff members, such as the chair of the president’s Council of Economic Advisors, and with Fed Chair and Haas Professor Emeritus Janet Yellen.

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*Field immersion locales and itineraries are subject to change.

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Experience the Immersion in Silicon Valley

“The right experience will never be forgotten; it has an impact on the decisions that people make in a way that is much more profound than anything that happens solely in a classroom setting.”

—Professor Toby Stuart
Faculty Director, Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program