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Christine Elfalan

Christine Elfalan

Senior Director, Engagement and Product Marketing OpenTable San Francisco, California

Silicon Valley Immersion Week changed a number of things for Christine Elfalan. The experience instilled in her a greater sense of ownership at work and inspired her to focus more on the actual return of her team's efforts. It also sparked her interest in relocating from southern California to work in the Bay Area—where she is now a senior director with OpenTable.


BS, Cognitive Science University of California, Irvine


Executive Director, Product Management The Bouqs Company Venice, California


“Our Leading People class focused on introspection as a means to becoming a more effective leader. I loved how this positively changed my day-to-day interactions.”

The decision was easy.

“The opportunity cost of a full-time MBA program wasn’t for me. The idea of finishing in 19 months and having classes once every three weeks really appealed to me. Add in the Berkeley reputation, and the decision was easy.”

“The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program—from the schedule, to the curriculum, to the student body—is perfectly suited for commuters like me. Flying up every three weeks was the ideal cadence to keep me well-connected to my career and fully immersed in my studies.

“The residential component of the program allowed me to be present and engrossed in coursework as well as build strong bonds with my classmates.”

There are no egos here.

“Being surrounded by incredibly accomplished colleagues who have Confidence Without Attitude is a real differentiator. No one showboats. We are more the strong silent types, secure in our achievements.”

“All of us share the same basic values. We’re all ready to go Beyond Yourself to help each other succeed. There are no egos here, just genuine support for one another.”

Silicon Valley Immersion Week alone is worth the tuition.

"The Silicon Valley Immersion Week alone is worth the tuition, opening the box I lived and worked in to a new world of people and ideas. One of my favorite moments was meeting and chatting with one of the guys from the case study we had studied the day before. What a surreal moment.”

“Inspired by the Silicon Valley Immersion Week, a group of us here in Southern California planned a Silicon Beach trek for our classmates. Members of the previous EMBA class and the broader Haas Alumni Network have been generous with their time and ideas.”