Leadership in Healthcare

The Haas School of Business is at the center of innovation in business, technology, and science. Our close relationships with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, the University of California, San Francisco, and enterprises throughout Silicon Valley open up new opportunities to learn, network, and explore your place in the future of healthcare.

You learn alongside the leaders of industries as diverse as finance, technology, and entertainment. Like you, your classmates bring their experiences to classroom discussions and projects. This allows you to bring new and different thinking back to the healthcare setting, and expand your understanding of what leadership looks like in different settings.

Our culture and Defining Leadership Principles set Berkeley Haas apart. We encourage evidence-based decision making, intelligent risk taking, continuous learning, and service to the larger community—all concepts that resonate loudly for physician-leaders. A Berkeley MBA for Executives is a transformative experience. It is the first step on a lifelong journey you will share with a group of classmates whose drive, ingenuity, and accomplishments will inspire and support you.


Our comprehensive curriculum builds from the basics to immersive, hands-on experiences that prepare you to lead, innovate, and influence.

The core curriculum grounds you in general management fundamentals.

Electives give you an opportunity to go deep into an area of interest, whether that is financial information analysis, executive leadership, or negotiations. You can also take electives offered by the School of Public Health, though elective schedules vary. 

Experiential learning—25% of your coursework—differentiates the Berkeley MBA for Executives. Five week-long immersions take you out of the classroom to connect with and learn from executives and leaders who are on the cutting edge of healthcare and a variety of other industries.

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Lida Kourita

Lida Kourita

Medical Innovation Lead
neuroFit, Inc.
Mountain View, California

“The four Defining Leadership Principles resonate with any physician and certainly with my own philosophy. I wanted to question the status quo in how healthcare is provided, and I knew I would use my studies to advance a cause beyond my own career. Physicians are students always in medicine, and I certainly had a lot to learn about business. Finally, I wanted to be among people who were clever, competent but also humble,”