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Tyson Trautmann

Tyson Trautmann

Engineering Manager Riot Games West Los Angeles, California

For Tyson Trautmann, the residency component of the Berkeley MBA for Executives creates something close to a full-time MBA experience without putting your career on hold. He relishes “the hours spent outside of class over dinner or in the hotel bar, glass of whiskey at hand, pouring over our textbooks and discussing assignments.”


MS, Computer Science University of Washington, Seattle

BS, Computer Science Information Systems Biola University La Mirada, California


"400 miles (from Los Angeles). I do homework on the way there, and sleep on the way back because I'm exhausted."

The range of perspectives pushes me out of my comfort zone and enhances my learning.

“My work experience has primarily been leading hardcore engineering teams building technical products—at Riot Games, Amazon, and Microsoft. I love being surrounded by classmates who bring such diverse experiences from their careers in everything from medicine to finance to the nonprofit sector. The range of perspective that students from different backgrounds bring to our discussions and projects pushes me out of my comfort zone and enhances my learning.”

“The Berkeley MBA for Executives hits my sweet spot: The schedule meshes well with the demands of my job. The culture embodied in the Defining Principles really resonates with me. The program’s connections to the technology sector are outstanding.”

The nerd in me definitely relishes being taught by Berkeley-Haas professors.

“I am a Student Always. I really enjoyed my prior graduate studies in computer science and I turned into a Coursera junkie between programs. Now, the nerd in me definitely relishes being taught by Berkeley-Haas professors, who are among the brightest minds in their respective fields.”

“The faculty go out of their way to make sure we’re getting what we need. In Managerial Economics, I appreciated the way that Professor Steve Tadelis generously veered off topic to address student questions and concerns, and then skillfully transitioned back to the syllabus.”

“The amount of content crammed into 27 hours of class across three days is mind-blowing.”

“My study group is awesome! We call ourselves ‘3Q:2P’ because we have three quants and two poets. We balance each other out in a lot of ways, and we’ve gotten to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We’re figuring out where we need to support each other and how to operate most effectively as a team.”