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Kelly Brashear

Kelly Brashear

Sr. Director, Culture & Engagement McKesson Corporation San Francisco, California

Kelly Brashear used classroom visits and chats with alumni to “really kick the tires” before deciding to enroll in the Berkeley MBA for Executives. What attracted her most was the consistency between the stated Defining Principles and the culture she heard, saw, and experienced.


BA, Sociology Boston College Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts


Director and HR Business Partner, McKesson


"Your executive MBA experience will be a wild ride, but if you're like most of my class, you won't ever want to get off!"

The most successful senior leaders I’ve worked with have Confidence Without Attitude.

“The Immersion Weeks really attracted me. I loved the idea of having such intense experiences with my classmates; having the opportunity to dedicate ourselves fully to one topic and to each other.”

“Some of what we learned in Leadership Communications tracked the type of coaching I’ve provided to managers throughout my career. It’s been such an unexpected opportunity to get that same kind of coaching for myself.”

“The most successful senior leaders I’ve worked with have Confidence Without Attitude. I love having that as a Defining Principle at Haas. It certainly came through when I visited before applying and I certainly experience it with my own classmates.”

“It seems that for every case study we discuss, someone in the class has direct, personal experience or a similar story to relate. Being able to blend theory and practice in the classroom is invaluable.”

It's a thrill to already be a part of this vibrant network.

“Our professors are among the best instructors I’ve run into. They are very patient and are able to relate to everyone in the class. In Financial Accounting, for example, Professor Jing Zhang, engaged both the accounting professionals and those of us who had never seen a balance sheet.”

“The Career Management Group has really helped me personalize my MBA experience. I feel like I have a coach constantly on call who can help me shape my future.”

“Within just a few weeks, The Program Office was connecting me with people in the Haas Alumni Network who needed insights into human resources. It’s a thrill to already be part of this vibrant network.” 

Just walking on campus makes me feel good.

“It sounds strange, but when I wrote the check for my first tuition payment, I felt empowered and convinced I had made the right choice.”

“At first, the idea of the residency component of the Berkeley MBA for Executives was lost on me, but now I look forward to the time spent on campus and in the hotel, when we all dedicate ourselves to studying and just hanging out with each other.”

“I love the Berkeley campus. Living and working so close, I’m there often to use the library or the computer lab, which is something I didn’t initially expect to take advantage of. Just walking on campus makes me feel good.”

“The cadence of the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program—three days on campus every three weeks—is perfect for me. It suits my work schedule and gives me plenty of time between blocks to digest and integrate what I’ve learned.”