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Jeffrey Decker

Jeffrey Decker

Director of Operations Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen San Francisco, California

No restaurant can survive without solid financial planning, accounting, and management. Yet, MBAs remain a rarity in the restaurant business. Jeffrey Decker intends to parlay his advanced degree into a competitive advantage as he plans his career moves into a CEO or COO role.


BA, Anthropology University of California, Berkeley


Setting the Table by Danny Meyer or The Third Plate by Chef Dan Barber


Don't fret about how you'll fit in—your cohort will be your greatest support. Together, you will explore, develop, and simply enjoy learning.

My classmates are a source of education in themselves.

“The food business offers a lot of opportunity to lead, from the restaurant floor to the back office. I know the maturity and knowledge I will gain here at Berkeley-Haas are elements I can bring back to the workplace and use for the advantage of our teams.”

“The diversity among my classmates adds so much value. I’m being exposed to intriguing sectors that I know almost nothing about—including the medical, marketing, finance, and software fields. My classmates are a source of education in themselves.”

“At work, we’re transitioning to a new accounting system. Having just taken Accounting in my first term, I was in a much better position to contribute to the discussion, to review the numbers, and to understand for example how we account for gift cards, an offering that has cash-flow implications.”

“The Defining Principle, Question the Status Quo, resonates with me and it has prompted me to look at my work differently. I’m now more open to re-jiggering our systems while collaborating with my teams to see if we can get a better result.”

The expanded network I’m building of friends, colleagues, and mentors is essentially priceless.

“The faculty bring a balance of academic rigor and real-world experience to their teaching which makes for captivating lectures.”

“There’s no one in my class that I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to with a question or for advice. It’s great to be part of a cohort in which we’re all in it for the right reasons: to learn and grow.”

“Being back in Berkeley is a major perk and a bit nostalgic for me. This time around I can especially appreciate the camaraderie of being in residence with all of my classmates. That’s something few executive MBA programs offer.”

“I don’t know how I would quantify or monetize my return on investment in the short term for my EMBA education. I’m in school to expand my knowledge and skills, not necessarily for a bigger paycheck. In another sense, the expanded network I’m building of friends, colleagues, and mentors is essentially priceless.”