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Ethan Ho

Ethan Ho

Vice President CIT Group Los Angeles, California

As a finance guy, Ethan Ho admits he should have calculated a quantitative return on his investment of time and money in the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program. He hasn’t, and that doesn’t bother him. The “experience of being a student among such incredible classmates,” he says, is already enough.


BS, Finance Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


“I dissected every student profile on the website. It blows my mind to be one of those profiles now. I only hope I can encourage someone else to join this experience.”


"Going through the Leadership Communication Immersion was when we became a family.”

Find the place where you can lead authentically, in your own style.

“I had this 20th century idea of an executive MBA program, where the students would be stodgy C-suite types, there just to put in the time needed to get the degree. My classmates are thoroughly 21st century: diverse, engaged, interesting, enthusiastic, demanding of themselves, and supportive of others.”

“Confidence Without Attitude describes my classmates perfectly. It’s also a good reminder to myself to stop doubting myself, to be both proud and humble to be part of the Berkeley family.”

“Leadership Communication helps you face your fears in a supportive environment. It pushes you to dig deep and find the place where you can lead authentically, in your own style.”

Now I work with greater insight into the "why."

“The immersive classes are well-named. You really do inhabit that space. I couldn't wait to try on the clothes of a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur for a week.”

“The Career Management Group isn’t there to tell us what our career paths should be, but to help us figure that out for ourselves.”

“In my ten-year career, I’ve done a lot of financial modeling and performance analysis. Taking a class like Corporate Finance identified things I’ve been doing mechanically. Now, I have a much broader understanding and work with greater insight into the ‘why.'”

As a commuter, I can enjoy all aspects of being an MBA student.

“As a commuter, I find the block scheduling wonderful. It means I can enjoy all of the aspects of being an MBA student—the academic, social, and networking—condensed into three days. I think of it as ‘block and tackle.’”

“Being on campus every three weeks gives me the right amount of time between blocks. I can actually unpack my suitcase, settle in at home and at work, and feel at peace.”