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Eric Shanley

Eric Shanley

Associate VX Capital Partners San Francisco, California

A decade in the armed forces honed Eric Shanley’s leadership skills. The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program added the business skills and tools to transition successfully from the military to the private sector. And dedicated EMBA career management resources helped him make his next career move—to a firm that makes debt and equity investments in commercial aircraft.


BA, Economics Middlebury College Middlebury, Vermont


Captain, U.S. Air Force


“The founders and leaders we met in Silicon Valley all talked about the difference between a career and a calling. My goal for the Berkeley MBA for Executives was to find my calling.”

I looked for a school with straightforward and clearly written values.

“I learned values as a kid growing up playing sports, and they have stuck with me through my career as a military officer. When I started researching MBA programs, I looked for a school with straightforward and clearly written values. When I came across the Haas Defining Principles, I thought they had nailed it."

“The block schedule let me step away from my other life to focus on school. There was much more to the days on campus than classes: guest speakers, networking events, football games, and socializing.”

“You can’t do this program halfway. You need to jump in with both feet and give it your all.”

The professors' credentials are unsurpassed.

“The professors’ credentials are unsurpassed. They also are invested in our success. They are very available outside of class and do their best to alleviate any friction points we might encounter, when it comes to work commitments and class assignments.”

“What I learned in class reinvigorated me on the job. I've found I’m much more willing to Question the Status Quo, to challenge accepted procedures and, more importantly, to demonstrate why change is needed.”

“Classes like Building Trust-Based Relationships have made me a much better listener and taught me how to ask questions the right way.”

I feel like I now have 68 new best friends.

“My classmates were intimidatingly smart and very easy to get to know. I feel like I gained 68 new best friends.”

“Business is global and so are my classmates. The diversity in our class gives me insights into different industries and cultures.”

“The week in Napa Valley, when we focused on leadership skills, was an immediate bonding experience for us all. It was a safe environment in which to explore our limits and open up.”

It opened my eyes to a whole new world.

“The logistics alone for our Silicon Valley immersion week were daunting, and the Program Office and Professor Toby Stuart pulled it off seamlessly. Even when a major rainstorm canceled one of our events, a classmate stepped in to invite all 69 of us to his start-up’s office instead.”

“Before the Silicon Valley immersion week, I’d never been inside the private sector. It was amazing to see what entrepreneurs were doing, how they were thinking. It opened my eyes to a whole new world.”