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Alphonsus Cheng

Alphonsus Cheng

Senior Director, Chief of Staff to the CMO BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. San Rafael, California

After 18 years in the scientific and business operations end of the biotech arena, Alf Cheng realized that the “school of hard knocks” could only teach him so much about the business side of the equation. The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program provides him the theory and practical knowledge across a spectrum of business and leadership disciplines needed to further his career.


BA, Integrative Biology University of California, Berkeley


"The Haas community extended far beyond the classroom to significant others, spouses, children, and parents."


"There was no way I could’ve even done half of the program had I not had the full buy-in and support of my wife, Emma."

This program is in a class of its own.

“The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program blows away the traditional idea of an MBA. Two innovative aspects stand out so far: the immersion weeks, in particular the week in Silicon Valley with Toby Stuart, and the pervasive ‘red thread’ of leadership running throughout the program. These two aspects alone put this program in a class of its own.”

“For me, the core values of the other executive MBA programs in the Bay Area don’t compare to the Haas Defining Principles. They resonate with the way I live my life personally and professionally.”

“My three children, ages seven, six, and three, find it hard to believe that daddy’s in school. I hope I’m setting the example that, in life you are always a student.”

Diversity comes from the faculty as well as the students.

“The diversity comes from the faculty as well as the students. We have highly accomplished faculty, some of whom do groundbreaking research. The students are highly experienced professionals who bring their own perspectives and experience, which often leads to fascinating dialogue inside and outside of class.”

“My ‘Hassmates quickly formed a special bond and are in sync in a way that’s hard to describe.”

“The block scheduling allows me to better compartmentalize. That was one aspect of doing an MBA at this stage in life I was concerned with. Three days in-residence allows me to focus completely on learning in class and from my Haasmates.”

This program pushes the borders of one's business experience.

“The Career Management Group offers the kind of coaching and practical advice that I need now, at this midpoint of my career.”

“This program pushes the borders of one’s business experience. For me, Marketing Management opened my eyes to a part of the business world with which I was entirely unfamiliar. At the same time, I had aha moments when I realized how theory and application played out.”