Student Perspectives

Student Perspective

Adam Kerin

Adam Kerin


Cloud AI Product Marketing
Mountain View, California

Commuting from San Diego every three weeks to join his classmates means a few changes in his routine. But Adam Kerin integrated one priority—fitness—into his Berkeley MBA for Executives Program experience: Every morning, he leads a Boot Camp-style run around campus for as many of his classmates who want to join in.

A class visit was all it took to convince me.

“When I started looking into executive MBA programs, I was 50/50 between a university closer to home in Southern California and the Berkeley MBA for Executives Program. A class visit was all it took to convince me 100% that Berkeley was the right place for me.”

“On the last day of block early in the program, when we’d already checked out of the hotel, I got really sick in class. Classmates came to help, people from the Program Office offered assistance. I felt like a sick kid being taken care of by the school nurse. Everyone went Beyond Themselves.”

“At the start, I was not expecting to see and feel a benefit from the program until years after graduation. But in Term 2, I was already a believer. Part of this has to to with my classmates—I work to earn my seat every day, to show just how honored I am to be part of this group.

“My study group is composed of a physician, an airline pilot, an accountant who runs her own business, an engineer, and me—I’m both an engineer and a marketer. Or you could describe us as a break dancer, the mother of two young children, and someone who has appeared in TV commercials. We’re just a small example of the diversity among our classmates.”

I've gotten much better at streamlining almost everything in my life.

“My career has already taken a left turn from engineering into marketing. I’m not certain where the next turn will take me, but I’m not going back to coding. I want to be in a position leading people and driving change. To do that, I need to understand all aspects of business. That understanding is what I’m getting from my classes, professors, and classmates.”

“Recently I was in a meeting at work with a product management team talking about pricing. I got a couple of surprised looks when I started asking questions about inventory and sunk costs—all concepts that I had just learned about in Financial Accounting and Managerial Economics.”

“I’ve gotten much better at streamlining almost everything in my life, from writing email messages to reading case studies.”

It was about us, not about me.

“When we all summarized our experience in the Leadership Communication Immersion in Napa Valley, I was struck by how many people described it in terms of how they connected with classmates and learned from each other. It was about us, not about me. To me, that’s evidence of Beyond Yourself in action. “

“I can’t wait for the Silicon Valley Immersion Week. What a professor tells you or what you read in a book is no substitute for real, face-to-face conversations with founders, entrepreneurs, and the CEOs of scrappy start-ups.”

“It’s so much easier to build relationships when you’re together for three days, staying in the same hotel, eating and drinking together at the same bar, sitting in the same classrooms and conference rooms to hash out problems.”

“The Career Management Group is a great resource. I used the online tools and templates to get my résumé and LinkedIn profile in shape. Now I’m meeting with an advisor who specializes in start-ups.”

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